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I saw this quote from John Turturro and it encapsulates me perfectly. I mean, who wouldn’t concentrate on stationery stores and bakeries if they were a criminal. Is there anything better than pastries and stationery? I think not….

Back to School Essentials — The Hockey Mom Fit Life

Excited to have our products featured on the Back to School Essentials list by the Hockey Mom Fit Life. It’s Thursday night and we’re a whisper from the long Labor Day Weekend, so it’s the perfect time for my list of back to school essentials. While my boys have been in school for nearly aContinue reading “Back to School Essentials — The Hockey Mom Fit Life”

The Love of Stationery

Oh for the love of the stationery. There is nothing better than walking down the beautiful stationery aisle of your local bookstore. I find it calming and soothing. Naturally, my hubby and my pocket book mind fit it to be a bit alarming. The stationery aisle has never down me wrong and has always servedContinue reading “The Love of Stationery”

Packing for the Perfect Beach Vacation — The Hockey Mom Fit Life

Packing for the perfect beach vacation is key to a successful tropical vacation. If you forgot certain items, you can end up in tremendous pain. Hello my sunburnt legs! Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of must have items for any successful beach vacation. Copious amounts of waterproof sunscreen that’s at least 50 SPF. I […]Continue reading “Packing for the Perfect Beach Vacation — The Hockey Mom Fit Life”